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Professional CP Switch
Alya Snow
   Hello, Sir, and thank you for stopping by.  If you are looking for traditional-style CP with  a genuine switch lady then you are in the right place.       Are you someone who likes an authentic role-play in a discreet, purpose-built setting?   Do you like to put a young lady over your knee for a sound spanking?  Or perhaps have  her bend over a school desk for a dose of the strap or cane?  How about across the arm  of the sofa for a slippering?  Or across the vaulting horse for the plimsoll?  Perhaps you  imagine disciplining your young secretary and showing her the error of her ways?       Or perhaps you are looking for a session where both parties can have fun without the  constraints placed by the rigidity of a role-play?  Perhaps you simply wish to spank a young lady?     Do you wish to play at both end of the implements and switch with someone who has been taught how to  wield implements by one of the most renowned Disciplinarians on the scene today?  Or perhaps you want to just bend over and take it the whole way through?  Whatever it is you are seeking, look no further - you have found me!   
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